Forte dei Marmi. What else

Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, Strass&Stripes

I love Forte dei Marmi because is more than a place to spend relaxing holidays sunbathing in total relax all day long.

Forte dei marmi is my past, my present and i hope my future.

When I’m there I completly find my self and a sense of happyness and peace let my soul talk to my body in a perfect way. All around me is beautiful, nature is shining, mountains and sea are so closed…. so amazing. Do you know a  place where you can swim watching mountains in front of you?I guess no.

I get so many inspirations for my job there. Colors are vivid , each street is full of colourful Flowers and Luxury is everywhere

Style, glamourose people, stunning house… Everywhere something amazing can surprise me... And I became healthy and full of energy starting to move in a Ecofriendly way using only my bike and forgetting my car…

What else…? You should go and try my same good vibrations…

Love, S&S.

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