A nice day with Angela

NaturangiI love my job because everyday something Interesting can happen…

Ten days ago i received a phonecall from a  Lovely fashion blogger, Angela Aisha, Who noticed my creations in a shop and decided to contact me, to know more about S&S and write down something about me in her blog www.naturangi.it.

So few days later we met. She cames to Parma and we spent Lovely moments toghether.
Angela interviewed me about my story, how this business started, what about my inspirations, how an idea turnes into an accessory, she asked me
about my last job travels and about my colourful daily life…

Woooowww!!! I Was so happy to talk about me…..because my job is my passion !!
At the end Angela tooke many pictures promising to write about me in her followed blog as soon as possibile.

My brand is a Jung brand, born in late 2013 so it’s all so new and exciting to me…

Thanks dear Angela for giving me the opportunity to spread my brand’s name on your blog. You talk about fashion, afro Hair care( you came from Gana), style, lifestyle and… me!

The blog continues… Next time i’ll talk about the place of my heart, Forte dei Marmi, tuscany.

Stay tuned, KISS!

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